Membership info

Kirjoitusaika: 19.4.2017

Membership due is 120 euros and it’s tax-deductible. Student membership due is 35 euros with limited benefits. Student membership can be applied by students aiming to become illustrators and studying applicable field. Pensioner membership due is 60 euros. Pensioner membership can be applied by members over 65 years who have already been actual members continuously for at least 5 years.

Online membership application form can be found here.


  • Membershipcard and the right for discounts
  • Right to vote in organisation’s meetings
  • Right to plead for grants
  • There are two different types of grants: one for work-related expenses and one for projects
  • Right for online-portfolio. (You can get instructions from the office.) Nonrecurring joining fee 35 euros.
  • Kuvittaja Magazine four times a year
  • Weekly online newsletter, mailing letters
  • Chance to participate in the Finnish Illustration Association’s professional training, events, exhibitions and contests for free or for membership price
  • Chance to plead for a room in Finnish Institute at Athens’ residence or a studio in Suvilahti, Helsinki
  • Office services at professional matters
  • Graafikon uudet eväät –book

Discounts in museums, book stores, for art equipments etc. Ask for more info about the discounts.