Pricing and business counselling

Help and support for pricing, contracts, and developing your own business – the association offers its members a personal counselling and sparring service.

Pricing and business counselling

During the consultation session you can go through contract or pricing issues, pricing logics more extensively, or discuss more broadly about your overall business or topics related to internationalization or your brand as an illustrator. 

Our advisor Heikki Laaninen has a strong expertise in business development and licensing with a strong international background, specializing especially in the creative industries. Laaninen has worked for example in a design agency in the Netherlands, at Rovio Entertainment, as the founder of his own agency, and as an entrepreneur. Laaninen is also the former chairman of AGMA Ry.

In practise

You can book an appointment from the booking calendar (below). In addition, for shorter questions, email and phone advice is available without an appointment, just write your questions directly to our advisor, heikki.laaninen at kuvittajat.fi and tell if you would like an answer by e-mail or phone. For a remote meeting, it is a good idea to send any questions, topics, documents and links in advance by e-mail, heikki.laaninen at kuvittajat.fi, so that you can get straight to the point at the beginning of the consultation session. One consultation session is 40 minutes and you will receive a Zoom link to the video meeting when booking an appointment. You can also write by e-mail if you prefer to talk on the phone instead of a video call or if you would definitely like a face-to-face meeting, this may also be possible if the prevailing remote work recommendations and schedules allow.

The service is free and intended only for full members of Kuvittajat ry, the membership will be checked. Full members can each book three free 40-minute counselling sessions as long as there are available appointment slots open.