Mela, Paula


Paula Mela: Cover of Äänihäkki (Lastenkirja; Maalaus, Viivapiirros, Yhdistelmätekniikka)

Illustration name

Cover of Äänihäkki


Cover illustration for children’s novel “Äänihäkki” written by Arja and Emma Puikkonen.


Paula Mela is up and coming illustrator based in Järvenpää, Finland. She started illustrating in 2016, with her debut book illustration for children’s novel “Äänihäkki” having been released in October 2017.
She graduated from Pekka Halonen Academy twice, first from graphic design and then from fine and media arts program.

She works mostly traditionally, using ink for line drawings and also watercolours, gouache and coloured pencils for coloured illustrations. Her style is classic, resembling illustrations of old fairytale books.


Gigglebug Entertainment
Kuvittajat ry

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