Pusa, Sofia


Sofia Pusa: The Wild Mushroom Cookbook (Kansi, Kirja; 3D, Digitaalinen maalaus, Graafinen kuvitus)

Illustration name

The Wild Mushroom Cookbook


I created book design and 15 mushroom illustrations for Villisienikeittokirja (The Wild Mushroom Cookbook) by Sami Tallberg.

The task was to design a book that would be “psychedelic, magical and elegant”. I created the energetic book design including vibrant illustrations and a bright colour scheme to reflect the sparkling character of the author Sami Tallberg.


Sofia Pusa is a Helsinki-based illustrator, graphic designer and motion graphics artist who has graduated from Lahti Institute of Design. Sofia has a versatile background – she has also studied a master’s degree in business in Helsinki and Mexico City, worked in service design and strategic branding and volunteered in Ecuador. She now works full-time as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer and is passionate about her job. Her work is characterized by bold colours, surrealism, and clever ideas. Sofia’s work has appeared in multiple magazines and newspapers (e.g. Helsingin Sanomat), publications (e.g. Otava) as well as events (e.g. Provinssi music festival). In spring 2017, her swan illustration won the campaign picture competition organized by Helsinki Book Fair, the largest book event in Finland.


ASUS · Helsingin Sanomat · Helsingin kirjamessut · Otava Publishing · Provinssi Festival · Ruisrock Festival · Valio

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