Sofia Pusa is a Finnish-born creative director and illustrator based in London. Her award-winning illustrations blend vivid colors with painterly patterns, and are a regular fixture in the music, advertising, art and fashion industries. Drawing inspiration from her childhood summers spent in the Finnish countryside, where she swam and foraged for wild berries and mushrooms, Sofia's work explores the surreal, the dreamlike, and the power of the unconscious rather than realism. Her use of psychedelic and transcendental color shifts gives her artwork a futuristic edge. Sofia also holds a special appreciation for flowers, seeing them as symbols of hope, inner strength, and creativity.

Graphic design, motion illustration, visual identity illustration, editorial illustration, advertising illustration, nature themes

Adobe, ASUS, Buck, Helsingin Sanomat, Ministry of Justice Finland, Merck, Perry Street Software, Provinssi Festival, Ruisrock Festival, The City of Helsinki, The Helsinki Art Museum, The National Museum of Finland, Valio, &Walsh

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