Hi there! I'm Siru Tirronen (she/her) and I work as a freelance illustrator and teacher. I have graduated with Master's degree in Art Education from Aalto University. In addition to illustration work, I work as a teacher in Espoo and Helsinki Adult Education Centre, where I teach illustration and give lectures on gaming culture.

As an illustrator, I have made illustrations for magazines, organizations and book projects. My illustration style is colorful and realistic: I often address current topics in my work.

As an illustrator, I want to create images that participate in discussion around social issue and create authentic representations. By illustrating magazine articles I've gained a lot of experience in illustrating topics such as sustainable development, energy policy and media education.
I am proud to be the illustrator of KAVI's Uudet lukutaidot project from the Tutustu ilmiöön series.

Aalto University Student Union (AYY), National Audiovisual Institute KAVI (Uudet lukutaidot -hanke), Oulun ylioppilaslehti Magazine, Maailman kuvalehti Magazine, Kansan Uutiset Newspaper, Nuorten Luonto Magazine, Luonnonsuojelija Magazine, Tringa ry, Visiiri, KY Foundation (The Foundation for Business Students in Aalto University), Satumetsä, Sieppo Magazine, Kylteri Magazine, The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation (KVS), Virke Magazine, Laatusana Oy, AINA online media, The Church Council, The Finnish Psychological Association (Psykologi Magazine), Ajaton Publishing, XAMK

Events: Street Illustrator // Kasarmitori Summer 2021 (19.7 & 29.7 4–7pm) (City of Helsinki)

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