Hello! I'm Mari (she/her), an illustrator, a graphic designer and an animator. Together with my husband we work in our studio Kilda in Helsinki. I enjoy drawing people in various everyday situations. I mainly work digitally using Adobe Illustrator vector drawing program. I communicate in english and in finnish.

In new projects I create a moodboard to get a glimpse into the customer's mind what they like and dislike. After a pencil sketch I draw a clean version in Illustrator. The colors and details go into another round of fine-tuning. Process, including comments, usually last a week or two.

I do a lot of illustrations for public organizations, for whom the diversity in the illustrations is an absolute must.

I especially enjoy adding movement to my illustrations through animation.

City of Helsinki
Language Experts
Publishing house S&S
Ministry of Education and Culture
Prime Minister's Office
The Union of Academic Museum Employees
The University of Helsinki

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