Fraser, Chris


Chris Fraser: Ink and watercolour (Hahmo, Lastenkirja, Sarjakuva/pilakuva; Digitaalinen maalaus, Viivapiirros, Yhdistelmätekniikka)

Kuvituksen nimi

Ink and watercolour


Here is a selection of ink drawings I made with a watercolour style for the colour. Actually, it’s not really watercolour. I cheated! The colouring was made on my iPad Pro with the Adobe Fresco application. The colours are then easy to change, edit and undo. Much easier than with real watercolour!


Chris’s work is very diverse in medium, but can be summarised by his passion to bring a drawing to life. Working digitally and with hand rendered techniques equally proficiently his drawings breath life into quirky characters that are often humorous, absurd and bizarre.
Sometimes his characters inhabit their own technicolour space and sometimes they collide in a frenzy of activity in hand rendered black and white ink drawings.
He has also worked for many years as a motion graphic designer and animator, so he is able to take a concept for an illustration and turn it into a moving image.


Tate Modern, WWF, National Geographic, Fox, Samsung, National Library of Scotland, Horniman Museum, Kelvingrove Museum, Edinburgh Zoo, Audi, Microsoft.


+358 40 049 9935