Fiebig, Ina


Kuvituksen nimi



Contribution to a group exhibition for the anniversary of Spanish Design Studio Camaleon.




Ina Fiebig is a German graphic designer and illustrator with 13 years of experience in both print and online media, working in Berlin, Barcelona and currently in Helsinki.

Her expertise lies in translating complex messages into simple, eye-catching visuals.
She has worked on the corporate image of educational and cultural campaigns in Barcelona and Berlin; designed publications, exhibitions, newsletters, websites, online stores, and interactive documentaries for city councils, cultural institutions, start ups and brands.
Ina’s strengths are in data visualization, and in the creation of strong key images and visual identities for campaigns, advertisements, and interactive multimedia presentations.

Her artistic disciplines include illustration, sculpting, photography and animation, and she often uses a combination of them in her work. A symbolic and playful language punctuates all her designs. She also designs and leads creative workshops with international participants at libraries and educational centers in Helsinki and Espoo.

Contact for further information or detailed Design or Illustration portfolios.


Barcelona City Council, Write This Down, Lyfta, M4ID


+358 (0) 40 123 9189
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