Savonen, Mia



Mia Savonen is an international illustrator specialized in Editorial and Book illustrations. She has a First Class BA degree in Narrative Illustration from Solent University, UK and has studied Fine Art in Southampton University (MA Printmaking), UK and has a Graphic Design Diploma from Borgå hantvärks -och konstindustriskola. During her career as an illustrator she has worked for various magazines, organisations and publishing houses as well as commission based work from private clients. The topics of the published work has covered wellbeing, body&mind, health, ecology, lifestyle and economy.

Inspiration for her vibrant and colourful illustrations she finds from nature, different cultures, meditation and psychology. The importance of giving a positive, joyful and a deeper message to the viewer is essential for her art work. Her illustration technique is a mixture of hand drawings and raw textures to maintain handmade feel to them. She is happy to work with different clients for print and digital media.


Alma Media, BBC Magazines, Breakthrough Publishing, Diabetesliitto, Edita Prima, Kepa, Kustannus Oy Forma, Kynämies, Lehdentekijät, Lehtistudio, Mind Organisation, Rauhankasvatusinstituutti, Sanoma, TI Media Limited, Unicef, YK-liitto, Talentum Media, Valitut Palat, Ylioppilaslehden kustannus.


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