Kirjoitusaika: 18.4.2017

Our office and gallery are closed during July due to annual holidays.
We will be back to work starting July 30th, at 10 am.
The gallery will be reopened on 2 August: Galleria Kuvitus is pleased to invite you to the opening of illustrator Terhi Ekebom’s exhibition at 6–8 pm.
Wishing you a happy Summer!


Office • Magazine • Gallery

Hämeentie 28
00530 Helsinki


The headquarters of the association is situated in Hämeentie 28, Helsinki. The office is usually open Monday through Friday from 10am-3pm. Please book appointments in advance. Illustration art exhibitions are held in the same address, in Galleria Kuvitus.

Illustrations below: Eero Lampinen, 2017.

The Office

Executive Director
Heli Halme
+358 50 5678434

Association Secretary
tue–fri kl 10–15
Emilia Alm


Galleria Kuvitus 

Producer / Gallery Curator
Veera Pekkinen
+358 44 7696291

Interns (Autumn 2018)
Nicole Kajander
Théophane Sagnole

Kuvittaja Magazine

Managing Director
Henna Hietamäki
+358 44 0708085

Illustrator Minna Ainoa


The executive committee

Chairperson of the board
Sari Airola, sariairola(at)

Vice Chair
Minna Ainoa

Jani Ikonen

Janne Harju
Maija Hurme
Liisa Kallio
Anna Emilia Laitinen
Nadja Sarell
Vesa Valkonen


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