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The Finnish Illustration Association is a non-profit organization for illustrators. We promote illustration in various fields and support illustrators in their profession.

We are an expert and advocate for the illustration industry.

We speak out on issues that affect the illustration sector. These include arts and culture policy, copyright, and the conditions for private traders. We know the sector and provide decision-makers and stakeholders with up-to-date information and views on its development through our reports.

We connect illustrators and their clients.

Are you in need of infographics, murals, character design or botanical illustration? Our members’ portfolios on our website showcase the broad spectrum of illustrative work.

We award grants and prizes.

Twice a year, the Finnish Illustration Association awards grants to its members. The grants and prizes are funded by remunerations collected by Kopiosto.

We curate illustration exhibitions.

The Association’s goal is to give illustration the position it deserves in the field of visual arts. We organize curated illustration exhibitions in our own gallery, Galleria Kuvitus, and in collaboration with other parties.

We provide training and recreational activities for illustrators.

We listen to illustrators and arrange the professional training and courses they need. In our Master Classes, international illustration stars share their know-how with our members. Our events and parties bring colleagues together.

We publish Kuvittaja Magazine.

Kuvittaja is a high-quality magazine that highlights the most interesting illustrators and phenomena in the field. The magazine is published four times a year and the annual subscription price for non-members is 36 euros. We are also active on social media, especially Instagram.

We operate internationally.

We cooperate with illustration organizations in other countries and promote Finnish illustration internationally. Our partners include Nordisk Visuell Kommunikation and The European Illustration Forum – EIF. We also have a residency program with the Finnish Institute at Athens.

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