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Welcome to the Finnish Illustration Association Home Page! The non-profit organization consists of approximately 400 talented professional illustrators and it strives to secure the position of the illustration sector in Finland. Our aim is to guard and promote the interests of illustrators in working life, in the artistic field and in relation to social security and cultural exports.



Mikkeli’s 11th Illustration Triennial 10.6. – 10.9. 

For the 11th time, the illustration triennial will display the best works of Finnish illustrators and the extensive scope of illustration art. Mikkeli Art Museum organizes the illustration triennial in co-operation with Grafia − Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland and Kuvittajat − The Finnish Illustration Association.


Triennial Artists List

Sari Airola, Anna Alanko, Terhi Ekebom, Jenni Erkintalo, Saku Heinänen, Milena Huhta, Maiju Hukkanen, Tuomas Ikonen, Juha Ilkka, Suvi-Tuuli Junttila, Jussi Kaakinen, Outi Kainiemi, Liisa Kallio, Ilja Karsikas, Satu Kettunen, Leena Kisonen, Réka Kiraly, Adam Korpak, Krista Kärki, Anna Emilia Laitinen, Eero Lampinen, Jenny Lucander, Harri Manner, Laura Merz, Tommi Musturi, Pauliina Mäkelä, Reetta Niemensivu, Christer Nuutinen, Marjo Nygård, Sanna Nylén, Kati Närhi, Pentti Otsamo, Ilona Partanen, Sanna Pelliccioni, Pipsa Pentti, Karoliina Pertamo, Nina Pirhonen, Julia Prusi, Lasse Rantanen, Christel Rönns, Daniel Stolle, Ville Tietäväinen, Jenni Tuominen, Marko Turunen, Anne Vasko, Elina Warsta and Sakke Yrjölä.


Derhundorg: Kleon Medugorac & Paula Troxler

Paula Troxler Lecture and Workshop in Mikkeli

The foreign guest in Mikkeli’s 11th Illustration Triennial is Swiss graphic artist, illustrator Paula Troxler (b. 1981), who lives and works in Zurich. Her workshop organized for members of Kuvittajat − The Finnish Illustration Association and Grafia − Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland explores the limits of illustration, trying to break up your own patterns and style. Finding new ways to access drawing and the development of ideas. We will do a lot of drawings, discuss and look at each others work in the group, and talk about how to bring message to the point and push it beyond, to see the world through others eyes in a playful way. For sure something unexpected will arise!

Paula Troxler is an illustrator & graphic designer based in Zurich and Stuttgart in her own studio. Paula has studied Visual Communications at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences of Art and Design. In 2006 she launched her own studio in Lucerne and Berlin. Her last carrier stop is Zurich, where she moved in 2008 and is living and working to the present day. Her portfolio is impressive and includes participation in projects for theatres, cultural events, book publications, advertisement and many exhibitions. Her works include illustrations, posters, cultural identities, murals, lecturing… And she is self-publishing her own daily calendar “Every Day a Drawing” since 2010.  Her artworks have been shown in exhibitions worldwide and her posters have been awarded at different poster competitions. She has held lectures and workshops in Switzerland and abroad. Troxler specializes in Illustration and her works are covered in large number of international publications. www.paulatroxler.com

Kleon Medugorac is a freelance graphic-designer, illustrator, musician, film- and videoartist. his work is multidisciplinary and ranges from all kinds of arts and cultural work to wholistic concepts and corporate designs.  Since 2010 he has been teaching on arts academies and giving workshops. His posters have been awarded at competitions around the globe.

Derhundorg: Since 2016 Paula and Kleon collaborate in the project-studio derhund.org. A platform in different artistic fields, were visions and experiment take place.


Photo: Ida Pimenoff, Päivälehti museum

Five Amazing Treasures Exhibition

We all remember our first ABC book. Many will remember the rhymes; some will even be able to recount the stories verbatim. Everyone remembers what the book looked like. Many learners have a visual memory. Illustrations also offer inspiration, surprises and combinations of things that would not be possible with texts or photographs. This makes learning more enjoyable and exciting.

The Finnish Association of Illustrators and the Päivälehti Newspaper Museum have brought together contemporary textbook illustrators and the books and learning materials they have illustrated for the “Five amazing treasures” exhibition. Interior designer Leena Carelse has designed the colorful and interactive world of the exhibition based on the illustrations. To complete the experience writer Jukka Laajarinne has scripted a storyline that will take visitors to Lapland, America and to the past centuries. And what are the five amazing treasures? That will be revealed at the end of the adventure!

Illustrations for the exhibition have admitted Carlos Da Cruz, Ossi Hiekkala, Maija Hurme, Lotta Kauppi, Katri Kirkkopelto, Johanna Lumme, Salli Parikka Walhlberg, Sanna Pellicioni, Ossi Pirkonen and Harri Tarkka.

Päivälehti Museum

Ludviginkatu 2-4, Helsinki

Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and as agreed

Midsummer 23. – 24.6 –  museum is closed

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