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The Finnish Illustration Association promotes illustration in various fields and supports illustrators in their profession. Our organization’s close-knit professional community includes over 800 members.

Kuvittaja Suvi Suitiala: Kuvitus, jossa kuvittaja työnsä äärellä Kuvittaja Suvi Suitiala: Kuvitus, jossa kuvittaja työnsä äärellä

Finnish Illustration Today Report

The amount of illustration work continues to grow. Product and packaging illustration, as well as illustrations for health and social services, are rising trends according to the annual survey by The Finnish Illustration Association.

Sawako Hoshi

In The Forest


The exhibition of Sawako Hoshi consists of new works and printed textiles in which Hoshi pursues a landscape on the border between the abstract and the concrete; a blue moment where the experiences of the artist and the audience intersect. 

Kuvittaja Magazine: Package Stories

Successful packaging illustrations can influence product impressions, appeal to different target groups and boost sales.

Image: Jenna Kunnas for Lumene

Training & Clubs

Spring 2024

Kuvittajat ry’s course and event calendar for the spring 2023 has been published on our webpage and the registration to spring courses is open.

The lectures, workshops and clubs organized by the Association are meant to develop illustrators skills, support their working, inspire to creativity and progress wellbeing and networking with other illustrators. Courses are free of charge to the members of Kuvittajat ry and they are funded from copyright remunerations collected by Kopiosto.

Kuvittaja Suvi Suitiala: Kuvitus, jossa kuvittaja työnsä äärellä


Finnish Illustration Today

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Promotion of interests

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