We call for stronger AI regulation


The Finnish Illustration Association (Kuvittajat) supports the call for a revision of EU copyright legislation. The original petition was drafted by Initiative Urheberrecht (Authors’ Rights Initiative), a coalition of 43 German creative industries’ organizations. The initiative is also supported by Forum Artis, a Finnish cooperation organization of artists’ associations.

The EU completed its AI legislative package in 2021, but generative AI has developed so rapidly recently that AI Act is already outdated. The EU is still in the process of adopting the legislation, and organizations are now calling for a review before adoption.

According to a recent survey by Kuvittajat ry, 72% of illustrators are concerned about AI-related copyright issues. More than half of illustrators say they are concerned that AI could be trained by using their illustrations without permission. Just over a third of illustrators are cautiously interested in the possibilities of using AI in their work. The excitement, however, is overshadowed by the concerns.

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