Illustrators Abroad Club

The theme of the Illustrators Abroad Clubs this fall is mental endurance in the creative field.




Online event


Welcome to the autumn’s first Illustrators Abroad Club on Friday 25 August 2023 at 18-19 Finnish time. The club is implemented as a Meet video meeting and is aimed at all members of Finnish Illustrators Association. In the Illustrators Abroad Clubs, experiences of working abroad and for foreign clients are heard and shared. The theme of autumn 2023 is, at the request of the participants, mental endurance in the creative field. In the August club, Maria Leskinen, an illustrator living in Brazil and a teacher of visual arts and psychology, explains with personal examples and based on psychology how to recognize the signs of exhaustion and how to maintain a balanced work capacity in the creative field. Mari Luoma, who works as an illustrator in Germany, sparks a discussion about what it’s like to work as an illustrator abroad without safety nets. We also set aside time for a general discussion related to the theme.

Sign up for the club on August 25. by 12 noon via email:

The Illustrators Abroad Club is organized once a month. A more detailed club program for the fall will be published on August 23.

Our members are also welcome to join the closed Facebook group Kuvittajat Abroad. The group is a discussion group of Finnish illustrators living abroad and those who’ve moved to Finland from abroad, as well as all illustrators interested in international activities.

Illustration: Maria Leskinen