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Kirjoitusaika: 17.1.2018
Photo: Salla Keskinen 2018
© Kuvittajat ry


Galleria Kuvitus, maintained by the Finnish Illustration Association, is the only gallery in Finland to focus on illustration art and it hosts 10 juried and curated exhibitions each year.

The gallery has been set up in the premises of the Finnish Illustration Association. In addition to Laura Lehtinen’s mural (in the picture below), permanent works in the venue include ones by illustrators Ricardo Cavolo and Ilona Partanen and designer Mariana Núñez Sánchez.


Photo: Salla Keskinen 2018 © Kuvittajat ry



Located in Kallio, just moments away from the lively Hakaniemi Market Place and the beautiful art deco church of Kallio, the gallery’s location is ideal for offering both residents and tourists a place to discover illustration art, and to escape into a cosy space which will motivate and inspire. Kallio, the name of which literally translates to “rock” or “hill”, is a hilly, hipsterish and culturally rich area on the northeastern outskirts of Helsinki.


The association’s office and meeting rooms host a Showroom, featuring the styles of numerous illustrators and invited guests representing other fields of art and design. The works installed in the Showroom change several times a year, and the space is open to the public on Saturdays.

The illustrators featured in the Showroom II (On display 30 May–30 June) were: Hanna Holma, Leena Kisonen, Jenna Kunnas, Carla Ladau, Eeva Louhio, Sanna Mander, Harri Manner, Anja Reponen, Camille Romano, Kati Vuorento, Wensi Zhai, as well as members of the board 2018: Minna Ainoa, Sari Airola, Janne Harju, Maija Hurme, Jani Ikonen, Liisa Kallio, Anna Emilia Laitinen ja Nadja Sarell and glass designer Camilla Moberg as an invited guest. See pictures in Facebook.

Carla Ladau: Cloudy Day

The illustrators featured in the Showroom I in early spring 2018 were: Minna Ainoa, Sari Airola, Janne Harju, Päivi Hintsanen, Maija Hurme, Jani Ikonen, Liisa Kallio, Suvi Kari, Leena Kisonen, Janne Korsumäki, Anna Emilia Laitinen, Mirva Liimatta, Sac Magique, Marika Maijala, Sanna Mander, Harri Manner, Camille Romano, Nadja Sarell, Jenni Tuominen, Vesa Valkonen, Maria Vilja, Silja-Maria Wihersaari and Wensi Zhai, as well as glass designer Camilla Moberg as an invited guest.

Kuva: Salla Keskinen


An interdisciplinary art programme is a natural part of the activities of Galleria Kuvitus. Performance artist Mimosa Pale  performed in the opening of the gallery on 1 February with the Wild Angelicas group. The Wandering Shocks piece celebrated
the end of the wanders of the Finnish Illustration Association and the opening of its own premises. The piece has a strong visual link to the opening exhibition Toisaalla – Elsewhere: Emmi Jormalainen’s horses with their owing manes and Laura Lehtinen’s colourful imaginary world. The statuesque characters of the performance roamed the gallery and its surroundings during the opening event and set the concept of art against unusual landscapes. Performers: Maria Duncker, Anne Hiekkaranta, Mimosa Pale and Pive Toivonen.


Kuva: Emilia Alm



Galleria Kuvitus

Hämeentie 28, Helsinki, FINLAND







Mon–Tue 11am–5pm

Wed 11am–7pm

Thu–Fri 11am–5pm

Sat noon–4pm

Sun: Closed


Veera Pekkinen

Producer | Curator

+358 44 769 6291


Nicole Kajander

Intern  (August – December 2018)



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