Jenni Tuominen (born 1976) is a responsive enthusiast, who describes her working method as helter-skelter. The Jenni’s World exhibition provides a glimpse into the development and working processes of the award-winning and prolific illustrator. Visitors are offered a veritable cornucopia: a wide selection of much-loved patterns, textiles, ceramics, paintings and sketches – both old and new. A graphic artist and blacksmith by training, Tuominen tends to work with her hands using traditional methods. The isolation of recent years has further increased her drawing, which Tuominen believes does not have right or wrong answers. Innovative experimentation and play are also important working methods for her: for example, the wide stripes of the Marimekko pattern Tuubiraita came about at her summer house, where she pressed ink through a mosquito net with a squeegee. The themes used by Tuominen are often inspired by the forest or her garden, and they contain distinct and joyful earth energy. 

Jenni Tuominen has received an honored Finnish State Prize for illustration in 2017. In Asia, Tuominen is represented by a Japanese agency Tonkachi. Tuominen is also one half of the designer duo Studio Jenni & Jukka. In Asia, Tuominen is represented by Tonkachi, a new Japanese agency. Tuominen is also one half of the designer duo Studio Jenni & Jukka.

Jenni Tuominen: Fairytale of Pink Egg, 2023.

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