Hello everyone! I am Anne Muhonen, an illustrator from Vantaa. My illustration styles vary from lineart to painting and photography. I love to jump into new projects because they always teach me a lot. I write down all the client's style and time requirements and deliver the work on time. I work in Finnish and English (et un peu en francais).

I make a lot of graphic novel style illustrations. I've made 18 graphic novel books, and illustrated a bunch of children's books. I also illustrate "just" book covers.

Avain Publishing, Hertta Publishing, JoyActor, Karto Oy, Finnish Foundation for Supporting Ex-Offenders, Pieni Karhu Publishing, Littlebit Design, The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Minerva Publishing, Monikko Magazine, Myllylahti Oy, Carers Finland, Otava Publishing, Phlearn Magazine, Finfood (Finnish Food Information), SanomaPro, Viisas Elämä, WSOY Publishing