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Antti Kosonen

Hi! My name is Antti Kosonen, I'm an illustrator and artist from Vantaa, Finland. I usually like a bit more expressive and/or darker art. However, I'm quite flexible and I have the skills to produce other kinds of illustrations as well. I'm cooperative and open to discussing desired results. I'm ready to work on short notice and I tend to respond quickly when contacted.

I've mostly worked on book illustrations. I've also worked on album covers, comic books and done a lot of commissioned work for private clients. I'm familiar with traditional tools (graphite, charcoal, ink and oil) as well as digital tools. I've spent a good amount of time working with inks and mixed media. My personal 'dark art' work has been well received online.

The Finnish Literature Society, Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Top Secret Press and several private clients