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Elina Äärelä

Hi! I'm Elina Äärelä, a fashion and graphic designer from Aalto University! My fashion background is strongly reflected in my illustrations and visual communication design. I like to go for bold design, which makes my style easily recognisable. I grew up in Australia, have lived around the Finnish countryside and occasionally stay in Paris. My working languages are Finnish and English.

My strength is definitely pattern design, which is reflected in the style of my illustrations. I also like to create unique atmospheres for written content, which I get to do when designing book covers, for example.

Louis Vuitton, Kosmos Publishing, Vimma, Gemmi, Bufo

"With a dynamic personality and a positive yet critical mind, Elina completes projects with great autonomy and energy. Working with the objective to do her best and give the most adapted answer, she asks precise questions on subjects that she’s in charge of, in order to work well and stand alone."
– Senior Designer, Small Leather Goods team, Louis Vuitton

"The end result exceeded all expectations and Elina was very easy to work with."
– Editor, Kosmos Publishing

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