I'm an illustrator who is passionate about illustrating experiences and stories for many different uses – whether it's a book, a website, a card or a company's visual identity. I have created illustrations for websites, books, customer magazines, histories and annual reports. The visual appearance, the layout and the design of the cover of a book is close to my heart.

I am good at picking out what's important in the big picture and capturing that into the illustration. To create the style that each project requires, I use a variety of techniques, from drawing on an iPad to painting with acrylics.

Clear Sky Oy, Familar Oy, World Heritage of Merenkurkku, TR Products Oy, OSG Communications Oy, Keep the Archipelago Tidy, ES Pedagogiga Oy, Forum Marinum foundation, Superson Oy, Trade Union Pro, Restaurants Rioni and Bridge

"In the restaurant industry, surprising marketing needs often come up, sometimes in the form of a new menu, sometimes in the form of social media posts for holidays. As a person who is very busy, I would not know how to cooperate with rigid people – I need flexibility and humor, too. We have cooperated with Elina for several years, during which she has also learned to perhaps read the thoughts of the sometimes unclear electric rabbit. 1000 points for having managed to do business with us for such a long time."

-Sini Salminen, Rioni and Bridge restaurants

"We have cooperated with Elina for a long time and I am a very satisfied client."

-Erja Sandberg, ES Pedagogica Oy

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