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Hanna Ruusulampi

Hi! I am Hanna Ruusulampi, an illustrator, graphic designer and pattern designer from Vantaa. I have also completed a degree in game graphic design. My illustrations are often commissioned for commercial use, educational materials or as part of a larger visual identity, e.g. for events.

My illustration style is particularly suited to vector graphics. More experimental techniques are usually used in my non-commercial projects.

I design patterns available for licensing through Patternsfrom Agency.

I like to create illustrations for publications that require multiple illustrations. Accessibility requirements (WCAG) often guide my work in digital projects. I am happy to assist the client to consider the needs of different groups at the design stage, as accessibility cannot be slapped onto a service after the fact and inaccessibility cannot be covered up with nice pictures.

Finnish National Agency for Education, Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA), City of Helsinki (Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division), Finnish Literature Society, Yhteishyvä Magazine, SanomaPro, SOSTE, SYKLI, Puisto Blues,, Otava Media, The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Kaapelin joulu, Jafenart (Saudi-Arabia), Altia, Vanhan Kirjallisuuden Päivät, SCA Hygiene Products, KAMU Espoo City Museum, City of Espoo, Sininen Meteoriitti, GeroArtist, Solinor, Vantti, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission,

Pattern Design:
Patternsfrom Agency (Finland), Mahraka Center (Pakistan), Twilling Tweeds (Pakistan), Popinjay (Pakistan/USA), Polly and Me (Pakistan/Australia)