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Iriini Kalliomäki

Hi! I’m Iriini Kalliomäki, an illustrator and comic book artist. I love messing with stereotypes, and in my pictures and stories grannies can be heroes and cute bunnies can be villains, for example. I lived in the UK for 15 years and studied illustration extensively there. I did my Master’s degree at Cambridge School of Art on their famous children’s book illustration course.

I have an adventurous attitude towards life, which is reflected in my work as well. I observe life around me constantly, picking up funny encounters and interesting characters to use on my drawings.

Character design and storytelling are my strengths. I’m good at capturing small moments, expressions and emotions. When I have enough time, I love to work with pencils and coloured inks. Usually I draw on a computer or a pad.

Yeehoo Press, London Museum of Water and Steam, Camberwell Art Festival, Out of Kit