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Juliana Hyrri

Hi! I am Juliana Hyrri, a visual artist, illustrator and cartoonist from Helsinki. I love the 90s, kitsch, Barbie and cats. I like to illustrate art and culture themes, animals and nature, as well as people and everyday life. In my illustrations, I combine lines, painting, and clear surfaces. My work is based on pens, brushes, ink and paper.

In Finland, my illustration work is represented by Napa Agency, so you can contact either Napa or me directly for illustration matters. You can do business with me in Finnish, English or Russian. :-)

Editorial illustration (magazines, newspapers), comics, graphic novels, book illustration, cover illustration, characters

Artists' Association of Finland, Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Culture Foudation, Ilta-Sanomat, Improbatur, Kulttuurivihkot, Kuvittaja Magazine, Ministry of Culture and Education, Sarjainfo, Helsingin Sanomat