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Karri Flinkman

Greetings! I am Karri Flinkman, a researcher in architecture and social sciences in Japan. Although most of my recent assignments have been very technical and detailed (scientific/textbook) illustrations, my great love is comics and simplistic illustration. I am interested in almost anything and everything, and a picture is worth a thousand words.

I am interested in all kinds of projects, and I always try to adapt my style to the requirements of each project. I firmly believe in ideation and communication between the client and the illustrator as a source for the best possible illustration. I want to help both find and develop the very image that the client has in mind

Thank you for your interest!

Best regards

Textbooks: WSOY, Sanoma Pro
Science books: SYKE, Paasilinna
Universities: University of Helsinki
Organizations: FSDA, Mediexpert, Espoo Taido