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Katja Kimpimäki

Hello! I'm Katja Kimpimäki, an illustrator of infographics, educational materials, technology and science.

I have a degree in graphic design (TaK, University of Lapland, 1999). I specialized in technical illustration after working as a graphic designer in a large company that produces low-voltage systems.

My illustration style is detailed and realistic. It is ideal for technical and educational illustrations such as manuals, textbook illustrations and infographics. I also enjoy creating charts, graphs and diagrams. I illustrate textbooks, magazines, infographics, manuals, etc. Work ranges from a single illustration to projects lasting several months.

As an entrepreneur, I am committed to my work and it is very important to me to meet deadlines. I work with clients in a confidential and flexible manner. If you need a skilled and fast illustrator, feel free to contact me by email or phone!

I can illustrate electricity flow or the human nervous system, for example.

My motto is: "Show, don’t tell”.

My clients include publishers, industrial companies, and businesses and associations of all sizes.