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Keanne van de Kreeke

Hello! I am a sensitive artist born in Holland and based in Finland since 1999. In my work, imagination gives wings to everyday life. I work as an illustrator, visual artist and in various community art projects. You can encounter my work in story books, educational materials, as well as in public places, such as the theater.

I use watercolors, acrylics, pencils, ecolines, markers and pastels in new ways. I also work digitally. Often the works start from small everyday details that the imagination elevates to another level.

My art stems from everyday life, dreams, femininity, nature and imagination, and there is always something magical about it. In my works, peace, presence and the life force emanating from nature are present. They capture a person's connection to something bigger: nature, the inner self, the course of life, time. However, there is also a hinge of shadow and outsiderness. I hope that my art brings people courage to look at things from different perspectives.

My strength is the use of different materials together (mixed media). I mainly use water-based materials but also work partly digitally. I like challenges. I have created illustrations for many smaller objects like cards, posters, books etc. as well as walls, buses and designs for solar panels. I feel often drawn to sense and emotion based projects and projects that support nature and environment.

Paletti oy, Pieni Karhu Publishing, Auraco ry, Dance Theater Hurjaruuth, Lasten Keskus, De Keure Publishing, Artus Publishing, Tammi Publishing, Sammakko oy, Toinen Keksi oy, Design Hill oy, City of Salo and the City Library, City of Somero and the City Library, Mäkelä oy, Otava Publishing, Clavis, Het Punt, Taito Magazine, Kaartje2go, Sid Hille, Nurinpäin Theater, Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), Werkaandemuur, Kuvatapetti oy, Alkumaa oy, Somero Kiiruu School, Kaarina Parish, Habenu bvba, Taito Varsinais Suomi, De Vormgeverij, Sanik, Foster Home Peikonpesä, Armfelt School (Halikko), The Outdoor Association of Finland (Suomen Latu), Myllylahti oy, Soltech, Iloinen Heppu, Kvaliti oy