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Kirsi Sundell

Hi there! I am Kirsi Sundell, pattern designer, illustrator, textile artist, graphic designer, MFA. I am especially fascinated by organic subjects: plants and animals, as well as abstract patterns and textures with human handprints. I have a long experience of working in the textile industry and the production of printed fabrics in particular. I do illustrations and design patterns in my company Design pintana Oy on commission, and my finished patterns are also available 24/7 in my "pattern shop"
You can contact me in English, Finnish or Swedish.

My illustrations usually start out on paper with a variety of manual techniques, although they eventually take on a digital form. I specialise in surface design, creating seamless, continuous patterns and pattern collections. My patterns take on many different colours, and changing the mood of a pattern by changing the colour is something I find particularly wonderful.

Aamulehti newspaper, Eurokangas, Familon, Fiblon, Finavia, Finlayson, Huhtamäki, Otava Publishing, Sanoma Magazines, Sibelius-Akatemia, Stockmann, Tekstiilipalvelu, Tokmanni, Univisio, Vallila Interior, Franzéns Textil, Hemtex, IKEA of Sweden, Kinnamark, Svensson, Rosenstiel’s, Kageyama, Senshukai, Yagi Tsusho, Chin-Jui-Fa, Living Good, Luolai Home Textiles, Livington Enterprises, Welcron, Southshore Fine Linens, Valdese among others.