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Kristiina Seppä

Hi! I’m Kristiina Seppä (she/her), an illustrator and graphic designer from Pori. I get excited by stories, and I want all my illustrations to tell a narrative. My style is realistic, but I adore fantasy and other speculative fiction, which is present in the work that I do.

I own my company Innokas media, where I also develop mobile games with my sibling Anniina Seppä.

I spend my free time reading books, watching movies, playing video and tabletop roleplaying games, singing, writing letters with a fountain pen, and enjoying the tranquility of my family cabin and the forests with bilberries near it. I also work on my personal art projects in my spare time.

I invest in good ongoing communication with my clients while working on a commission. I am able to communicate fluently in both Finnish and English. I accept new clients currently, so please, feel free to contact me!

I especially enjoy painting diverse characters. I mainly work digitally in Photoshop.

I can produce illustrations both for print and web purposes. I can execute your graphic design needs. I also work on animation!

I am especially interested in illustrating books, album covers, editorials, articles, advertisements, and working on different game projects and event visual design.

Otavamedia, Tactic Games, University of Turku, Tampere University of Technology, City of Pori, City of Ulvila