Hi! I’m Mari Luoma, a Finnish illustrator currently living in Germany. I mainly work with children's books but I also have experience in character design, comic making, illustrating marketing materials etc.

I'm always up for new projects :). My full portfolio is available on my website, go check it out!

My illustration style is flexible and versatile. I have worked as a 2D game designer and illustrated mobile games such as Moomin-themed games. I can create unique characters and worlds as well as work with existing lines. I do character design and have taught at the Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre. I have also illustrated nearly 20 children's books, some of which I have also written.

Finnish publishers: WSOY, Gaudeamus, Otava, Minerva, Mäkelä, Aurinkokustannus.

Clients: Studeo, Storytel, Inspire Music, Tree Charter, MiTale, Snowfall Oy, HUONE Helsinki, Pyjama Films, Encomi, Pakkahuone Oy, Greenpeace Nordic, Henna ja supersankarit.

Also private clients.

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