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Mirva Liimatta

Hi, I'm Mirva Liimatta. I grew up in a small town called Ilomantsi, so nature and forests have become very important to me. My surroundings are a great inspiration to me and it shows in many of my illustrations.

Human figures are also one of my artistic interests. I like to tell stories with different looking bodies and facial expressions.

I create my illustrations using digital vector graphics. In addition to that, I create independent artworks with watercolors and sometimes I tend to bring some original details from them to my digital works.

To get a broader view of my work, please visit my website.

I have experience in illustrating accessible materials. I also specialize in public artworks (Percent for Art principle projects), of which I have made three.

Kuopio University Hospital, The Finnish Association of Landscape Industries, Rauma Maritime Museum, Rehabilitation Foundation, Seurasaari Foundation, Otava Publishing, Finnish Red Cross, Vapepa