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Niko-Petteri Niva

Hi! I'm Niko-Petteri Niva (he/him), a comic artist from Tampere, FI. I studied comic art in Liminka School Of Art in 2011–2012 and graduated as Bachelor of Culture and Arts from Oulu University Of Applied Sciences in 2017. I like punk, drag and The North. My style icons in art and life are Nina Hagen and Jyrki Nissinen.

I draw both by hand with Indian ink and felt tip pens, and digitally with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I like fierce black-and-white artisanal work and sleek candy-colored illustrations alike. My specialities are expressive human and animal characters and clear, economical and simple lineart work.

HIV Foundation Finland, LGBTQ+ organization in Oulu, Antimilitarist magazine