Hi! I'm Pauli Salmi, a Helsinki-based illustrator and graphic designer. I enjoy crafting vivid visual narratives using lots of colour and bringing challenging and captivating themes to life. I draw my inspiration from films, visual arts, and traveling. I work fluently in both English and Finnish, and I also speak French.

People and animals greatly fascinate me, and I enjoy featuring them in my work. Creating personalized portraits is loads of fun. I have illustrated numerous newspapers, magazines, and digital publications. I have also created artwork for various educational materials. Additionally, I take pleasure in designing visual motifs for textiles.

A-lehdet (magazine and media house), Otava (book and magazine publisher), Helsingin Seurakuntayhtymä (Helsinki Lutherian Church), University of Helsinki, Miltton Group (communications agency), Kaiku Helsinki (communications agency), Edukustannus (book publisher)