Hi! I am Piia Keto, a story-based illustrator. My work often features nature and a touch of imagination.

I grew up in Verla, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area's wonderful history, architecture, clear water and living in the middle of nature have greatly influenced my illustration style. I have a master's degree in textile design, so I’m also very good at pattern design.

I run popular mug workshops that everyone likes. I can draw customized illustrations for your company or community, with which you can illustrate the mugs yourself, for example, at the workplace during a recreation day.

Contact me if you have a project in mind that would suit my style.
Yours, Piia

​​I have good skills in pattern design and knowledge of many materials. I have illustrated ceramics, textiles, packaging and paper products as well as public spaces. I am also a very enthusiastic person – I love to learn new things.

Arabia, Fazer, Paulig, Kalevala Koru, Messukeskus, Lidl, Docendo, Helsingin kaupunki, Ruskovilla, Greenpeace, Epson, Sangetsu, Pie International