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Ruska Berghäll

Hi! I am Ruska Berghäll (they/them), a Digital Arts specialized BA of media, communication and marketing generalist and BIM-modeler. I live in Turku and am currently employed full time – but more than willing to take on some night and weekend work, or longer part-time projects.

I am an enthusiast of the grotesque and body horror and that shows in my portfolio as well, but worry not – there is a perfectly normal and commercial side to me too.

I gravitate towards scientific, educational and technical illustration and environmental communication. I mostly draw on Procreate, but I speak fluent vector and some motion graphics. Should you need building information modeling (especially Vectorworks) or Autocad illustration and 3D visualization, I hope you can extend your license! I do brand design and implementation on Canva as well.

Rovio OY (Doodle books and children's books), Sanoma OY (educational materials), Posti, Kuuhubb OY (4 years as an in-house artist at Recolor, the finnish "netflix of coloring pictures") and recently Entti OY (BIM and marketing)