Hi! My name is Sirpa Mänty, I am an illustrator and designer. I live and work in Rovaniemi, in the Arctic Circle of Northern Finland. I have mainly worked with children's books and educational materials about the environment for primary schools. I have painted detailed illustrations of bird species for a bird guide and several other species for various projects. In 2017 I designed a series of collectible medallions for Finnish Moneta, in honor of Finland's 100th year of independence.

I can work in Finnish, Swedish, English, Russian, Sámi and Carelian. And maybe French, who knows.

I also make small sculptures from paper clay and recycled materials. My main goal with my art is to create positive and beautiful things that make the viewer feel a little better.

I like to work manually, so most of my work I do in my studio, be it illustrations or design. Sometimes I combine and edit images with Photoshop, depending on the project.

Davvi Girji (Karasjok, Norge), Govadas (Sirma, Norge), Gummerus, Saamelaiskäräjät / Sámi Parliament (Inari), Metsähallitus / National Forestry Department, Sanoma Pro, Finnish Moneta, Karjalan kielen elvytysprojekti / Karelian language revival project