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Tilda Rose Sladek

Hi there! I'm Tilda Rose Sladek, a Finnish-American illustrator based in Helsinki. I've been working in editorial and children's book illustration since 2019, creating art for clients around the world. My process as an illustrator is very traditional; I paint my all of my works with acrylic or gouache paints, sometimes mixing in color pencils. I love the tactile feel of creating a new illustration from real, physical materials. I find that the happy accidents and humbling setbacks keeps my process feeling fresh!

I am very experienced in editorial and institutional illustrations, as well as occasional book cover projects. In my free time I work on new picture book ideas. In 2022, my children's book illustrations were exhibited in the Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair.

WSOY, Kuvittaja Magazine, Psykologi Magazine, Tehy Magazine, NPR, PLANSPONSOR, PLANADVISER, Chief Investment Officer, Pentagram, Sierra Club, The Wall Sreet Journal, The Poetry Foundation, Curtis Institute of Music, The Nob Hill Gazette, Notre Dame Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, The Progressive, Friends of the Web / UC Merced