Pricing and business counselling

Help and support for pricing, contracts, and developing your own business – the association offers its full members a personal counselling and sparring service.

Pricing and business counselling

With our advisor you can go through contract or pricing issues, pricing logics more extensively, or discuss more broadly about your overall business or topics related to internationalization or your brand as an illustrator. 

Please contact our advisor via email, heikki.laaninen at kuvittajat.fi. Zoom-meetings are not offered in the autumn season 2023. 

Our advisor Heikki Laaninen has a strong expertise in business development and licensing with a strong international background, specializing especially in the creative industries. Laaninen has worked for example in a design agency in the Netherlands, at Rovio Entertainment, as the founder of his own agency, and as an entrepreneur. Laaninen is also the former chairman of AGMA Ry.

The service funded from the copyright remunerations collected by Kopiosto.