Autumn 2023 Illustrators Clubs






Illustrators Club of Helsinki

Hosted by Piia Keto

Wed 13 September, 5–7pm
Portfolio Club

Welcome to the Portfolio Club on Wed 20 Sep at 5–7pm at the Finnish Illustration Association office’s (Hämeentie 28) downstairs space & remotely.

We will gather to build portfolios and discuss the best practices to do that on the new website. You will be able to ask colleagues for their opinions and bring up any problems that we can communicate to the website builder. 

If you’re struggling with getting started with your portfolio, now might be a good time! Bring your own laptop or tablet that you plan to use to create your portfolio. It’s a good idea to have a photo folder of around 15 photos on hand. Get comfortable and let’s get started. Let’s click on that Publish button together!

The club will be hosted by Piia Keto, who has created a wide range of illustrations, Emilia Alm from the Finnish Illustration Association as well as Jonna Rantamäki and Stella Sironen, who are responsible for proofreading and translating the portfolio texts. 

There is capacity for about 10 illustrators in the office and participation remotely is possible as well. Light refreshments will be served. The registration link will be added on this page soon.


5–5.30pm / Hosts introduce themselves and give their perspectives on the portfolios

Piia – the importance of portfolios for illustrators

Jonna – redesigning the portfolio page, text fields and their meaning

Stella – editing the texts, the EN-side of the page

Emilia – using the redesigned portfolio site from an illustrator’s perspective

Remember that this year portfolios are given a special focus thanks to the Next Generation EU funding. Update your portfolio now to make the most of the opportunities this project offers. Now you will be able to create a portfolio to the association’s renewed website free of charge.

Looking for instructions on how to update your portfolio?

Click here for updated portfolio guidelines.

Wed 11 October, 6–8pm
Illustrators Club in Kruununhaka

The founder member of the Association, illustrator Mika Launis, opens the door of his studio on Meritullinkatu to the club members. Discussion and networking will continue at Café Encanto. More information to follow soon.

Wed 29 November, 6–8pm
Illustrators Club in The House of Text

A club evening for illustrators and writers. In cooperation with the brand new House of Text (Tekstin talo). More information to follow soon.

Image: Maria Leskinen

Illustrators Abroad Club

Hosted by Maria Leskinen, Brazil

AUTUMN THEME: Mental Endurance in the Creative Field

  1. Maria Leskinen (Brazil) & Mari Luoma (Germany) 25 August at 6–7pm Finnish time.
  2. Ture Ekroos (Canada): 22 September at 6–7pm Finnish time.
  3. Paula Garcia (Finland): 20 October at 6–7pm Finnish time.
  4. Nadja Sarell (Finland): 17 November at 6–7pm Finnish time.
  5. Carla Ladau (Spain): 8 December at 6–7pm Finnish time.

The Illustrators Abroad Club is organized once a month. The clubs are implemented as Meet video meetings and they are aimed at all members of the Finnish Illustration Association. In the Illustrators Abroad Clubs, experiences of working abroad and for foreign clients are heard and shared. The theme of autumn 2023 is, at the request of the participants, mental endurance in the creative field.

In the August club, Maria Leskinen, an illustrator living in Brazil and a teacher of visual arts and psychology, explains with personal examples and based on psychology how to recognize the signs of exhaustion and how to maintain a balanced work capacity in the creative field. Mari Luoma, who works as an illustrator in Germany, sparks a discussion about what it’s like to work as an illustrator abroad without safety nets. We also set aside time for a general discussion related to the theme.

Please sign up for the club latest on August 25th by 12 noon via email:

Our members are also welcome to join the closed Facebook group Kuvittajat Abroad. The group is a discussion group of Finnish illustrators living abroad and those who’ve moved to Finland from abroad, as well as all illustrators interested in international activities.