For Aiju Salmén-Salminen, art is a play, with the most exciting things happening outside the playground. Her illustration exhibition at Galleria Kuvitus combines sophisticated lines and outsider art, creating a multisensory experience that hovers on the border between dream and wakefulness. The visual style of the exhibition hints at occultism but remains ethereal, like a scent, smoke, thought, pattern, or rhythm. The miniatures on the intimate salon wall within the gallery space are based on the book “Lucifer’s Perfume,” which is a poetic work written by Heikki Romppainen and illustrated by Aiju Salmén-Salminen. The exhibition also features geometric art inspired by esotericism, and visitors can listen to a C-cassette created by The Kolmas band’s Veli-Matti “Läjä” Äijälä and Markku “Lene” Leinonen in collaboration with the book’s authors, which will be released alongside the art exhibition.

Aiju Salmén-Salminen is a freelance illustrator and a versatile figure in the art world, based in Helsinki. In addition to her illustration work, Salmén-Salminen serves as a comic columnist for Yle and has curated events such as Kotka Art. She is also a musician, being part of bands like The Splits, Seekrets, and Goo-Hags, and she is one of the authors of the book “The Band Handbook” (Into, 2018), which encourages independent music-making and aims to lower the barriers to starting this hobby.

The exhibition’s opening takes place on Thursday, October 31, from 6 to 9 PM at Galleria Kuvitus, Hämeentie 28. You’re welcome to join!

The afterparty continues from 9 PM to midnight at Siltanen, Hämeentie 13.

The evening also includes a celebration of the “Lucifer’s Perfume” book and cassette project across the street. During the night, the garage rock group Goo-Hags will take the stage.

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