In the exhibition, Aino Louhi presents works related to her picture book Tähtienvälinen avaruus (Suuri Kurpitsa 2022). The story, aimed at adults, is a study on loneliness, and uses metaphors to reflect on things like the difficulty of an encounter, the longing for love and the acceptance of loneliness. Louhi has created around 160 egg tempera paintings for the book.

Louhi learned the tempera painting technique for the book and made illustrations full-time for almost two years. The exhibition features twenty original illustrations as well as installations related to the book and the method of making.

”Learning a new technique for the book was fascinating. In the exhibition, in addition to the originals, I will present the working stages of tempera as well as objects and things related to the world of the book,” says Louhi.

Aino Louhi (b. 1981) is an illustrator, painter and cartoonist. She lives and works in Tampere. Tähtienvälinen avaruus is Louhi’s second work that moves between a comic novel and a picture book for adults. Mielikuvitustyttö, which describes the interpersonal relationships of youth, published in 2019, received The Most Beautiful Book of the Year -honor mention and the Tampere City Literature Award.


Aino Louhi shares her thoughts about the new exhibition on Galleria Kuvitus Podcast. Episode #19. Duration 37 min. Language: Finnish. 


Photography: Ilkka Vuorinen

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