The exhibition Underflow by Minni Havas is a spatial composition that follows the logic of poetry, ignoring consistency. Havas explores the underflow within us: hidden emotions and subconscious messages. Illustrated textiles, coloured pencil drawings and oil paintings engage in dialogue in this fascinating display. The exhibition also features Sammutin tulta sumulla (“I fought fire with vapour”, 2021), a book of poems written and illustrated by Havas. The use of multiple art forms invites visitors to approach the riddle with an open mind. What is it all about? Is there something we should solve or understand? 

There are photorealistic images that, to our surprise, we cannot quite grasp; they slip beyond our reach like shimmering waves. There are electric, restless, wriggling sentences. There are colours and sounds that resemble a love poem. There’s a cherry. Our minds, bound by logical reasoning, are disturbed, but at the same time, the detachment feels liberating and rewarding. The underflow smoulders with a deep flame.

Minni Havas (b. 1983) has created illustrations especially for the fashion and music industries and for clients such as Citroën, Hartwall, Diesel, Maison Margiela, Minna Parikka, Vimma and Monsp Records. She is currently studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts.

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AFS23 invites you to visit galleries 6–18 June 2023 

Galleries are, like libraries, free, common living rooms for citizens. Art Fair Finland invites the audience to experience art 6–18 June 2023. The festival involves 28 galleries in 12 locations. 

Visitors can meet Minni Havas in her exhibition on two Saturdays, 10 June and 17 June, 12 noon – 4 pm. During the festival, a new episode of the Galleria Kuvitus podcast will also be released as part of the series of auditory exhibition texts of Galleria Kuvitus. 

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