Sawako Hoshi creates works of art by scraping, reflecting the aesthetics of an ever-changing nature. The images are based on landscapes drawn from memory, which she draws with oil pastels on paper in two or three layers, and then works with a toothpick. According to Hoshi, the technique is well suited to expressing the artist’s emotions while giving the works a unique texture. 

The exhibition at Galleria Kuvitus consists of illustrations and printed textiles in which Hoshi pursues a landscape on the border between the abstract and the concrete; a blue moment where the experiences of the artist and the audience intersect. She aims to capture not only the beauty of the forest, but also the creatures that live there, the delicate movements of nature, the muffled sounds and the peaceful light. 

The works have a timeless aesthetic similar to Fujiwo Ishimoto’ s nature-themed canvas prints and the dreamlike tenacity of Kaarina Kaila’s illustrations for children’s books. In our hectic times, the patience that flows through the handmade images is as refreshing as a glass of clear spring water.

Born in Tokyo in 1986, illustrator and textile artist Sawako Hoshi holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Aalto University’s Textile Art programme. She lives and works in Helsinki, and has designed patterns for companies such as Marimekko, Samuji, UNIQLO, Kurashicom and Sangetsu.

The opening reception for the exhibition will be held Thursday, April 25 from 5-7 PM.

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