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Aiju Salminen

Hello! I am Aiju Salminen (she/her), freelance illustrator & graphic novel artist.

The great thing about being an illustrator is the variety of projects you get to do: children's books, magazine illustrations, packaging design, murals, poster art and poetry books.

Lately I've been inspired by collaborations with scientists and researchers, especially social & human sciences.

English as a working language is not a problem!

- Children's books
- Graphic Novels
- Non fiction books
- Newspaper illustration

Helsingin Sanomat, WSOY, Tammi, Into Publishing, Yle, University of Jyväskylä

"In a busy job as a journalist, it's important to be able to rely on deadlines, and working with Aiju was always really nice and easy. Aiju's illustrations were carefully thought out and insightful. You could always look at the finished illustration and be delighted, fascinated, moved or impressed, or all at the same time."

– Terhi Montonen, Design Producer, Helsingin Sanomat

"Aiju Salminen illustrated the collection of articles we edited, "When a researcher encounters hate." The innovative and insightful illustrations took the book to a new dimension. The illustration expressed the nature of the hostile response received by researchers and the aggression and contempt it contains in a way that gets to the heart of the phenomenon. The illustration also succeeded in making visible the emotions experienced by the researchers who received the hostile feedback. We have received a lot of positive feedback on the illustrations, both from readers and from the researchers who wrote the book."

– Noora Kotilainen and Johanna Vuorelma

"Aiju Salminen has created stunning illustrations for three children's books in Paula Noronen and Minna Kivelä's Kooky Tales series. No other illustrator could be imagined for these successful books! Aiju has created an equally wild visual interpretation of the crazy fairy tales, with the bonus of hand-drawn, exquisite titles. The quality of her work is superb, you can see that she has put a lot of thought into the texts. Aiju sees the forest for the trees.
Feedback on both sides and communication has been efficient and constructive. The deadlines are met and there is no need to rush her."

– Anna Warras, Publisher, Tammi