Hi there! I’m Anna Alanko (she/her), a Helsinki-based illustrator and digital artist working mostly with 3D and animation. I make textured, lush and dreamy illustrations for clients across the globe. I especially love working on projects where I get to focus on capturing the essence of a brand or product, whether it revolves around the flavour of a food item, the scent of a perfume, the feeling of a material or an intangible feeling. I’m always open for new projects and you can contact me via email anna@annaalanko.com.

I make 3D illustrations and animations using Blender 3D. Before becoming an illustrator I worked in fashion and textile, so I also have a strong understanding and broad technical skills in surface pattern design. I’ve made illustrations for packaging, books, magazines, posters and album covers, animations for ad campaigns, online magazines and art projects and prints for fashion and textile.

Häagen-Dazs, LOVE., Wide Eyed Editions, Hugo & Marie, General Pants, Helsinki Design Week, Club Kaiku, Harju 8, Finnair, Forum for Environmental Information, Grafia − Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland, A-lehdet, The Finnish Psychological Association, PEAKES, NR Magazine, The Friends of Finnish Handicraft, The Craft Museum of Finland, Né-net, Uniqlo, Isetan Mitsukoshi, Senshukai, Astra Magazine, Tiger of Sweden, Vimma, Svensson, Borås Tapeter and more