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Anni Pöyhtäri

Hi! I am Anni Pöyhtäri, an illustrator and graphic designer focusing on flora and fauna and environmental issues, living in the beautiful city of Raseborg, Finland. In my work I take into account sustainable development and other very important nature and environmental values.

I always do my best to understand and express the client's needs as clearly as possible. I am efficient, have excellent project management skills and always have high standards in my work. In addition to Finnish, I speak Swedish, English and German and can read and understand French.

I’m specialized in nature and environmental issues. I work well in tight timeframes, cope well under pressure and can digest large amounts of information. Besides that, I just LOVE working with people. I have created over 1000 illustrations featuring plants, fish, bugs and mushrooms for the Moomin Nature Series published by WSOY.

Suomen Luonto, #muutos, Kotipuutarha, WSOY, Fiksuruoka / Foodello, Hoiva Mehiläinen, Mehiläinen Oy, Visit Raseborg, Raseborg, Natural Movement Oy, Eddie´s Fish & Chips, Bob the Robot, Luckan Raseborg, Kirjakekkerit, Christine och Göran Schildts stiftelse rf, Raseborgs Natur rf ja Ekenäs Filmfest rf..

”The support from the best experts and illustrations by Anni Pöyhtäri have been invaluable. The work has been worthwhile: the series has gained praise, and the books have sold well – already over 10 000 pieces. It seems that their popularity continues to grow”.

– Paula Halkola, publisher, WSOY (the Moomin Magazine 2022, p. 22, Rights and Brands)

"She's Brilliant And We Love Her Work..."

– Eddie's Fish & Chips

"...The texts are illustrated by Anni Pöyhtäri's incredibly beautiful and clear plant drawings...."

– The review of Hemulens herbarium (Förlaget, 2020) in Västra Nyland, 21.4.2020