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Eija Vehviläinen


I'm Eija Vehviläinen, an illustrator and visual designer from Helsinki. As an illustrator, I work on a variety of assignments, but I am particularly interested in brand and packaging illustration. Most of my work is digitally drawn.

In addition to content, I pay particular attention to color, shape and proportion. Besides visuality, I always consider the bigger picture and the context – I want to create something that is versatile, timeless and at the same time recognisable.

I approach new commissions by discussing and getting to know the client's values and needs. The most rewarding projects are usually the result of good collaboration and smooth communication. As an illustrator and designer, I also feel a sense of responsibility for my work and its potential impact on the environment and people.

I am self-employed and able to send invoices through my company. My main working languages are Finnish and English, but I also understand Swedish and German well.

Composition, strong shapes and an open-minded use of colour are my strengths and make my style recognisable. My illustrations often feature elements of plants and nature, and these themes inspire the rest of my work as well. Many of my works work particularly well on the surfaces of various everyday objects and packages.

BioPak, Berry OMG, Cloudberries, Finnish Design Shop, Finnish Music Quarterly, Franckly, Grafia, Hakola, Kakola Brewing Company, Kittybunnypony, The Finnish Illustrators' Association, Sanoma, Slowdown Studio, The Association of Finnish pharmacies, The Finnish Library Association, Service Union United (PAM), The Finnish Psychological Association, Vyrtti