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Elina Johanna Ahonen

Hello! I'm a visual storyteller, also known as an illustrator and graphic designer from Tampere. My illustrations usually have expressive characters, a clear colour palette and a playful style. I like to combine light animation with my pictures. In graphic design, I trust simplicity and I feel that I have succeeded in my task when a complex message is in an accessible form.

I love <3 Drawing <3 Picture books <3 Character design <3 Pastel colors <3 Broken tones <3 Forest trips <3 Classical music <3 Crafts <3 Rhyming <3 Joking

I appreciate clear schedules and fair agreements that are created together. I work in Finnish and English. I recommend following my latest projects on Instagram. Represented in Lilith co-operative​​​​​​ (

My work calendar has space for new commissions.

I am particularly good at creating expressive and approachable characters, and making light animations. My illustrations have been used in campaigns and as part of the visual appearance of organizations. They are also suitable for children's books and culture. In addition to the illustrations, I can handle the entire graphic design of the project (printed products and digital publications).

Homepakolaiset ry, Hyvinvoinnin tilat project, Into Publishing, Itsenäisyyden juhlavuoden lastensäätiö ITLA, Laine Magazine, Lapsen maailma magazine, Naturn (Karhumuovi Oy), Nemo (Otava Publishing), NO NIIN Magazine, The Eating Disorder Association of Finland (SYLI), Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), Taito magazine, Finnish Crafts Organization (Taito ry), Council for Gender Equality (Tane), Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), WSOY Publishing, The Finnish Public Service Media Company YLE