Hi there! I am Harri Tarkka, an illustrator and a professional on digital and other mediums. I’m specialized in strategy and process illustration. Fantasy creatures and characters (humans too) interest me, since I have drawn all my life. I chose to be an illustrator rather than an architect, although I have a Master’s degree in architecture.

My interests are various. In this profession I have gotten to know and meet lots of people from different organizations, big and small. It’s awesome! In my free time I dive, modify motorcycles, read and play underwater rugby in a team.

I listen to the client to understand their values and get the main idea behind the project. I provide my style and mediums to your use. I give further suggestions if needed. I prefer to have dialogue when working together so we end up getting the best possible result.

My print shop on Etsy can be found in the link above.

The tools I use are iPad (Procreate), Wacom (Photoshop) and traditional tools from pencils to brushes. Vectorized works are also available. I always stay within the agreed schedule and budget and I am able to send invoices through my company. My working languages are Finnish and English. I am currently available for new projects.

WSOY, MeNaiset, Tekniikka ja talous, Seura, Otava, Sanoma Pro, Toad Kings, MicoMedia, Motiva, Ozo, YIT, Aac, Kirkniemi Mills, Nokia, Neste/Fortum, CreaFilmi Oy, YTV, Marketing Agency Contra Oy, Sek & Grey, Cap Gemini, Ernst & Young, Sanoma Magazines/Custom Publishing, Akumiitti, Orange, T-mobile, Marketing Agency Konsepti Oy, Kreab Oy, Muutostaito Oy, LM&, Helsinki City Museum, Kehitysvammaliitto...