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Heikki Luukkonen

Hi, I'm Heikki Luukkonen (he/him). Welcome to the world of my pictures.

I made my first drawing when I was 4 years old, when I got a little sister. The feeling was so deep that I had to draw her.
As a child, I held a pencil in my left hand. It was my father who always moved the pen to my right hand. Today I can draw with my right or left hand.

I founded my company in 1983. My clients are technology companies as well as companies in the process, metal, food and furniture industries. I create images for websites, advertisements and print products. I design brands. I have illustrated 15 books of topics such as nature and natural products. My pictures are created with pencils, brushes and computer, by combining techniques.

I value open-mindedness, courage and honesty as well as the ability to cooperate. My favorite subjects are nature, plants and animals. The situation of the world is worrying me. I also draw from it.

The deepest essence of my interest is how to add several levels, layers of interpretations and feelings inside the picture. The image must stop the audience in their tracks. Surrealism is close to my heart.

I am also interested in accessibility. The picture must be simplified so that it opens up to the viewer even at a quick glance.

Finnish National Agency for Education and numerous companies around Finland